the joys of being pure at heart


India Rose -

Wrinkled Covers

What makes India Rose happy:

"Being in the forest is one of my favorite things, its magnificent, the light, the flowers, the quietness. Going on the roof on a summer night when the air is warm. Going into a vintage store, anything vintage makes me happy, especially the smell of old books. And anything floral i cannot help but want."

Dreaming of cats

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Margaux Kent -

I'd really love to write something nice about her work, but really, look at these necklaces... there are no words to describe how amazing they are.

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This is the most beautiful day,

The day was so good because I:
- woke up in the morning and was blinded by the sun for the first time in a month or so
- I run in the snow and laughed in the sun
- listened to a new song by PJ Harvey which is quite an extraordinary song indeed!
- received a lovely package with books and sweets, and embroidered tiny dress, and Florence new album!
- am not worried about anything at all
-it's my beloved doggie's special day - her 7th birthday, even though we live so far away from each other now, I remember how much happiness she gave me and how she taugh me to enjoy everything
-surivived the last day of the hideous and gloomy November

+ I also made a little giveaway on my flickr

Written On The Forehead by pjharvey