the joys of being pure at heart


MJ -

'stories & books; used bookstores and used books with notes from previous owners in them; libraries & museums; making art; sudden bursts of inspiration; seeing a sunrise & being the first awake in the morning; tea; dinner with friends; feeling enough at ease with somebody to be silly and dorky; shapes & colors & light; writing; words; pirates & ghosts; finding feathers; maps; listening to the perfect song at the perfect moment; taking a perfect picture; food; winter; white snow covering the ground; evergreens; the cries of the wild geese going south (& coming back north); love & friendship; the smells of Nature; apple-picking; time-travel; lost gardens; pressing flowers into favorite books; holding hands at the movie theatre; bunnies & bears & whales, oh my!; the universe (blinding nebulae); not ever knowing how to finish such lists, always scared of forgetting something important & inevitably doing so.'

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